• Historically, the term logistics has been associated merely with the transportation of goods from points A to B. In the last couple of decades, however, its scope has broadened to include complementary services such as packaging, storage, cargo handling, etc. As a result, customers are now also looking for these services from their suppliers. As technology has evolved, the expectations of customers have in turn risen even more. Traditionally at most export/import (EXIM) businesses, the logistics process would include people from operations, the factory team, and an external logistics service provider, whilst the marketing, business development, and finance teams would be involved in the documentation or other formalities. A relatively new addition to the logistics process is the customer service team. Initially thought of as an offshoot of marketing, the importance of the customer service department has grown exponentially. With growing competition, many businesses are realising the importance of customer satisfaction and how this is intrinsically linked to customer retention. A strong bond with your customer lays the groundwork for long-standing business ties. Although it is the marketing team that lays the foundation, it is your customer service team that builds strong, long-lasting relations on top through consistent client engagement. Here too, technology is poised to play a big part and this is evident from the adoption of various customer relationship management (CRM) tools already available on the market. The industry for CRM software is now valued over $40 billion and is poised to touch $80 billion by 2025 (IBM, Superoffice). As a result, many companies are now looking at other innovative avenues to add value to their CRM efforts and make them stand out from the crowd. Within logistics, one of the major opportunities to enhance the customer experience is to facilitate customer visibility over their cargo status. This...
  • We always strive for the convenience of our users. We received a lot of positive feedback to have a mobile app to increase the accessibility and ease to use. So here we are with the all new mobile app. The App enables you to upload quotes and stay updated with the status of your rank. We are soon adding more features to the app. What are you still waiting for? Go to Playstore on your phone and download it NOW!
  • October 10, 2018

    New updates on GoComet Dashboard

    We have made some major improvements to GoComet dashboard. Now you can have an overview of your freight cost analysis along wth the number of containers shipped at a glance on the dashboard. There are two more additions to the dashboard, Top Logistics Service Providers (LSP) and the Top Export/Import countries based on the total freight cost. This helps you get a quick analysis on the complete process. Logistics Service Provider (LSP) Get a quick view of your top LSP for every month! Also, you can see the details like total freight cost with the air cargo and container volume details of the LSP. Export/Import Volume & Freight Cost by Country Get a quick view of the all the countries you exported to or imported from in a month! Check the details like percent freight cost and total freight cost for the country at one go. Freight Cost Analysis Analyze your freight cost against the number of containers/shipments at a glance! Check your freight cost trends for easier budgeting and forecasting. These changes in the dashboard will help your team get an overview of your freight spend and volume. We would love to get your feedback for the new dashboard.