Amid coronavirus outbreak GoComet makes getting updates on port delays easy

Are you struggling to track all your shipments due to port delays amid the coronavirus outbreak?  If yes, we have developed just the right solution to help you get through this. 

Coronavirus outbreak has left the logistics and shipping industry in a state of complete disarray. Needless to say, with shipments stalled across the globe, blank sailings, shortages of raw materials, transport service constraints, etc. the present situation has no relief to offer.

In wake of these events, companies are dealing with countless questions like is the Hamburg port affected as much as the Rotterdam port? Should they be worried if their transshipment is from Singapore port? Naturally, you would want to know which ports have been affected, to what extent and if you should be concerned. 

GoComet will help you find answers to these questions and assist you in tackling the odds smartly. We have developed a product which will enable you to get a real time update on port delays across the world. Through the product you will be informed about port delays via automatic notifications. 

The system functions on the basis of the data provided by GoComet’s container tracking module which tracks more than 150,000 containers every year. The system updates its database weekly and maintains a record of port delays across more than 300 ports.

How does the port delay product calculate delays?

To calculate the delay, differences between the initial scheduled date and the actual dates of movement (when available) are considered. For containers in transit the delay is calculated as the difference between the initial scheduled date and the present planned dates. The system also calculates average delay as the average delay of all container movements on each port from February 1, 2020 to date. 

How user friendly is the product?

As the key objective is to make things easy and convenient for you, we have ensured that operating the system is equally simple. All you have to do is enter the name of the preferred port in the search field. On doing so, the module will display the average and maximum delay for that port. The system will denote a delay of more than five days with a red circle, a delay of three to five days with a blue circle and a delay of less than three days with a green circle. 

The gravity of the coronavirus is such that it is going to be around for a while and continue to cause disruptions. Now is the time to equip your company with efficient and innovative ways to deal with the crisis and we are at your service. 

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