How does international logistics procurement work in other parts of the world?

Manufacturers all over the world have been importing and exporting for ages. While international trade has existed throughout history, its economic, social, and political importance has been on the rise in recent centuries. This has brought along with it similar operational processes, issues and inefficiencies world wide.

Just like India, in other countries as well, the shipper needs to negotiate with freight brokers and agents to get the best possible quotes. How do you think do they manage this process?

Markets in South East and Middle East Asia operate in a similar way to India. They send inquiries on mail, receive rates, then compile and compare. Their entire process is manual and face similar problems in productivity, efficiency, lowest cost discoverability.

Now the question is whether they would adopt a solution which would help them solve their existing problems.

A solution which would help them:
1. In saving costs.
2. To reduce man hours through automation of processes.
3. To increase transparency allowing inexpensive inefficient audits.

In theory, this seems like an obvious choice.

Today, GoComet is present all over South East Asia in countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand among others. Solving international logistics inefficiencies for clients in this region currently and slowly shifting focus to other parts of the world. The GoComet solution is the answer to a universal problem in the area of freight procurement. Did you try it yet?

GoComet is the world’s best platform to make freight procurement efficient and fast. Our enterprise SaaS product is used by manufacturing companies to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out the best possible end to end rates for international shipments.