GoComet: Easiest tech platform to procure international freight

Do you feel that adopting technology is difficult for you? Do you struggle to keep up with the new advancements in technology? Are you hesitating to try out new products because of your fear of not being able to learn?

Agreed that GoComet is the latest technological product in international freight procurement. Obviously, it is able to reduce your work and save lots of time for you. But is it difficult to learn and adopt? Let’s take a look at some statistics.

Out of 2845 user accounts created till date, 2477 accounts are still active with at least 1 activity every 2 days. The transition time from first login to active usage is around 4 hours.

It would now be pretty clear that, adoption of GoComet platform is very easy as it is a very user friendly platform. Of course everybody had apprehension in the beginning but once they tried the product, the numbers mentioned above speak for themselves.

GoComet functions on 3 simple screens.
Screen 1: An inquiry creation form where the basic details of the type of container, origin port, destination port etc are mentioned.
Screen 2: Vendor Master to share inquiry with vendors with the click of a button and receive quotes which are automatically arranged in a comparative format from lowest rate to highest rate with all the required parameters such as carrier name, transit time etc.
Screen 3: Repository of all inquiries where you can view historical rates, active, completed, discarded inquiries.

Tracking of containers is also simplified. Just update the container numbers and get live email updates of delays, arrival etc. No need to go on multiple websites to track, get everything on one screen.

GoComet is the world’s best platform to make freight procurement efficient and fast. Our enterprise SaaS product is used by manufacturing companies to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out the best possible end to end rates for international shipments.