Month: June 2018

  • The days of the Excel spreadsheet is over. Supply chain digitization transforming the management of your global logistics process. The Industries that are genuinely thriving nowadays share something significant in common: a digitized logistics process. And why not? Digitization is the answer to a lot of problems. We have moved on from the primitive times of the Stone Age to Industrial Age and now finally in the Digital Age. You are not maintaining any official records by writing on a paper, are you? Or if you want to communicate some information, do you send a letter by post from your corporate office in one city to your factory in another? Pigeons were cool, I agree but we are way past those times! When digitization can help you in automating all your manual processes, save time, save manpower, reduce costs, then only a fool would resist it. Surely, all companies keeping KPIs of employees on digitization are smart enough to understand the value. Transform your logistics process by digitizing international logistics. It will help you to get additional insight into the latest trends in logistics. Now, do you want to digitize your international freight procurement? GoComet is here for your rescue. Ronan (name changed) working in a leading oleo-chemicals manufacturing company got an appraisal this year because he took the initiative and pushed for the implementation of GoComet. Not to take anything away from him, obviously, he performed and truly deserved it but GoComet’s implementation did play a major role. So what are you waiting for? To subscribe to GoComet and try for yourself today. GoComet is the world’s best platform to make freight procurement efficient and fast. Our enterprise SaaS product is used by manufacturing companies to drive sharp reverse auctions bringing out the best possible end to end rates...
  • GoComet has simplified your quote procurement and negotiation for international freight. We didn’t stop at this. We are focussed to solve all your problems related to shipping. Have you ever felt it very cumbersome to track all shipments on multiple websites as you are using multiple carriers? Have you ever wished that all the tracking would come to you automatically without you doing a thing after confirmation of the container? Look no further. We have now rolled out a new module for Live Shipment Tracking. We have integrated with all the major shipping lines to ensure that container tracking can be shown on GoComet itself for all your shipments. What does live shipment tracking do?  1. Automated tracking of all shipments on a single platform. 2. Customized notifications for your team depending on predefined steps. 3. Automatic notifications in case of delay in container movements to your team and reminder notifications to specific shipping lines.4. Improve your customer experience by sharing the container tracking dashboard with your consignees.5. Get actionable insights on Shipping lines, Volume, and country-wise logistic performance. 6. You can also integrate the tracking mechanism with your existing ERP. GoComet Container Tracking will make sure you have real-time status of your containers so that you can handle disruption to the consignee supply chain and your works go seamlessly. Just sign up and start updating your MBL numbers and container numbers now. If you are looking for reasons and benefits of tracking your containers click here…. Schedule Free Product Consultation
  • Is the market rising or is it falling? Did this question ever cross your mind? SENSEX! I am not talking about that but you are close enough! Ever seen an index for global freight? Look no further. Introducing GFI, GoComet Freight Index. GoComet Freight Index is a shipping index reflecting the fluctuation of spot rates (port pairwise) in international shipping. GFI is based on data aggregated from shippers, freight forwarders and carriers who use the GoComet Platform for export freight negotiation. The data is obtained in real-time from the carriers as well as the freight forwarders on which shippers have booked their cargo, giving a precise representation of the prevailing market rates. The GFI can help you in the following ways:  1. Budgeting, Reporting and Analytics:  GoComet provides you with a constant flow of accurate and reliable data for your trade routes. This information helps you to pre-plan your budgets for your operations and use reports later to evaluate and analyze freight performance. 2. Negotiating: By knowing the market rates for your trade lanes, you can negotiate better with your forwarders and squeeze out their margins to get maximum savings.  3. Become Market Leader: GFI can give you an idea about the current market rate. Then it is up to you to strategize and become the leader in your market. And the best thing is that it is free of cost! So what are you waiting for? Go and subscribe today. About GoComet A ready-made LRM solution that solves all your logistics operations related hurdles and brings instant savings. The tool is perfect for the logistics manager, in-house executives, warehouse in-charge even for your vendors. Schedule Free Product Consultation